Shaban, Emmanuel, Lugogo

A window towards Kenya

Summer of 2018, I traveled to Kenya as volunteer at the Ebenezer Academy school. I found a beautiful community with shining smiles, but they had many school material needs. Understanding that our educational experience forge our future I decided to extend my stay and do everything in my hands to help.

A window towards Kenya is a project which aim to improve the educational conditions of the school Ebenezer Academy in Mackinnon Road, District of Kwale. 

Throught this documentary we connected their story to the correct people which help us to improve the scholar building. 


Let's start by the windows and doors this will help students to better concentrate avoiding noisis and dust. How many we need?

How much is it?

After sharing the documentary and budgetary information through social networks, we achieved the goal. Now, it was necessary to show the people who helped us that we had achieved it.


This is the most beautiful thing we can say

to all the people who were part of this story.